Camps & Covid19 Precautions

We understand that these are unprecedented times. At Mad Science, we have been busy ensuring that we can provide a safe and inclusive environment for all our campers. Whilst providing reassurance to parents that we have the measures in place to reduce risk as much as possible. Please take a look below for answers to any queries you may have.

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Maximum Capacity of 20 Kids per Camp

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Full Day Camps from 8.30 - 5.00pm
with extended registration period to allow staggered arrival & collection.

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Please monitor your child's health & stay away if you are experiencing any symptoms. (Please let us know immediately if you have attended Camp)

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Social Distancing Bubbles of 10 kids or less will be maintained. We will adhere to the 1m+ rule where practically possible.

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Regular handwashing will be encouraged, and equipment and surfaces disinfected throughout the day.


We aim to provide a fun and inclusive environment which will allow children to explore Science with other kids.


What capacity are your camps?

Due to COVID-19 We are capping capacity at all Camps to 20 kids. This will allow us to run 2 Groups of 10 kids to aid with social distancing, and provide a smaller social bubble within the group.


What Safety Precautions are you Taking?

Increased hand washing. We will temperature check Campers on arrival with no access if above 38c. Parents to self certify that no symptoms in the household for the last 14 days. Increased cleaning of venues and kits. Social distancing during drop off and pick up with no parents allowed past registration table or in the venue.


Can I book invididual days?

Due to the changes in how we will need to operate this year's Camps. We will only be taking Full Week Bookings. This is to reduce the chance of mixing with multiple people throughout the week and provide a safer environment for our attendees. Your children will be in the same social bubble as their group for the duration of the Camp week.


What are the timings? Do you have Wraparound?

All our camps this summer will run from 8.30am - 5.00pm. We will encourage staggered arrival and drop off with an extended registration time until 9.00am and collections from 4.30pm onwards. Please note that 5.00pm is the latest collection time to allow the venue to be deep cleaned after each day.


What do I do if my child develops symptoms?

If your child develops symptoms BEFORE attending Camp, we kindly ask that you stay home and follow self isolation guidelines. Should your child develop symptoms following being at CAMP, please seek a COVID19 test and provide the details of the results to Mad Science as soon as available so we can advise other parents. Please do not return to camp.


Do you accept siblings?

Yes, as long as both siblings are well and healthy we would love to welcome them along. We also offer 15% Off the 2nd child's fee when booking together. We will also ensure they are grouped in the same social bubble within camp.


I'm feeling anxious about sending my child. Can I stay?

It's understandable to feel anxious, particularly in the current climate about sending your child to camp. Please rest assured that our highly qualified Mad Scientists, are well versed in creating a welcoming environment for all campers. We will be unable to allow parents to stay as this can often affect other campers who may be homesick.


What will they need to bring?

We want to minimise items brought from the home at our venues. We therefore ask that a single lunchbox, and water bottle be packed per child, and 1 coat (if required). Please ensure to label each item. Avoid any unescessary items. Asthma pumps will need to be labelled handed to the instructor at registration. Please apply sunscreen before arrival.


COVID-19 Action Plan


Summary of Changes for Camp 2020
Will we be adhering to most up to date government guidelines.
Group sizes of no more than 20 (in two groups of 10)
Increased hand washing
Campers temperature checked on arrival with no access if above 38c.
Parents to self certify that no symptoms in the household for the last 14 days.
Increased cleaning of venues and kits
Social distancing during drop off and pick up with no parents allowed past registration table or in the venue.
Children in groups of 10 with social distancing to other 10.

Spread of infection from child to child
Spread of infection from parent to parent
Spread of infection from child / parent to instructor
Virus Spread via surface contact
Virus Spread during activities
Development of Symptoms at Camp
Transfer of virus from venue to venue via kit handling

Surface Clean of the Venue 4 Times Daily
Before Opening, Before Lunch, After Lunch, After Dismissal
Cleaning to be undertaken using antibacterial disinfectant, disposable wipes and wash cloths.
General cleaning and wiping down before during and after activities to minimise spread risk.
Regular handwashing
Encouraging handwashing breaks during the day and between activities.
Ensure soap stocks are sufficient at each venue.
(daily stock take for cleaning supplies to be reported to management)
Suitable handrying or disposable paper towel available.
Instructor to bring change of clothes (labcoat, 2 Camp Tshirts)
PPE (disposable gloves, masks, and aprons will be available to staff on site if wanted)

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone displaying symptoms, or have a high temperature:
What Constitutes High temperature?
A normal temperature in babies and children is about 36.4C, but this can vary slightly from child to child.
A high temperature is 38C or more.
Temperature checks on each attendee will be carried out at registration via a non contact digital thermometer. By attending Camp you agree to this precautionary procedure taking place.
We reserve the right to ask children to be collected early if they develop or show signs of symptoms for Coronavirus.
Should your child display or develop symptoms at Camp - they are asked to stay at home and self isolate alongside the Government guidelines. We kindly ask they do not return to camp until this period has completed.
Should your child develop symptoms following their attendance at Camp - please inform us immediately, stating which venue they attended and the date their symptoms were discovered.
If anyone in your household has/ or develops symptoms prior to /or during the time you have a booking with us at camp. We kindly ask that your child does not attend camp and that you practice self isolation. A minimum requirement of 14 days symptom free clearance will be required in order to attend.


Camp Pricing 2020

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